IPM Bottmer: More than just an architectural practice!


IPM Bottmer is an international architectural practice and a specialist for the construction of exclusive luxury properties. From brokering of unique building plots through construction of exclusive luxury villas to a discreet relocation service, IPM Bottmer’s range of services goes far beyond those offered by conventional architectural practices.


Decades of experience, integrated management, absolute discretion and strategic advice, these are the things that make IPM Bottmer’s range of services so unique! Form your own opinion and contact us now to make an appointment for a personal consultation.


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Decades of experience


As a second-generation family business IPM Bottmer can look back on numerous successfully completed construction projects in Germany and abroad. Led by the two managing directors, the experienced team is made up of acclaimed architects and acknowledged construction experts. In addition to this, IPM Bottmer has an international network of partners.



Integrated management


Whether pre-planning, organising the awarding of contracts or property management, IPM Bottmer can handle the entire planning, execution and monitoring of your specific construction project for you.



Absolute discretion


IPM Bottmer guarantees every client absolute discretion. All your plans, ideas and wishes will be treated as strictly confidential. The acclaimed architectural practice ensures complete anonymity when executing construction of your luxury property.

For two generations now IPM Bottmer has been designing and realising unique construction projects around the world. Find out more about the German family business now.


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Strategic advice


In-depth analysis of your personal wishes and requirements is one of IPM Bottmer’s biggest strengths. When doing so, the internationally experienced, multilingual team of architects are experts at providing individualised responses to differing cultural and professional backgrounds.



International construction projects


IPM Bottmer’s activities transcend international borders to realise exclusive luxury construction projects for private individuals and prominent figures around the world. When doing so, the company’s staff personally represent all their client’s interests at the relevant construction site.


All-Inclusive Service


From registering your luxury property with local energy and water suppliers to arranging nursery places, IPM Bottmer’s all-inclusive services go far beyond those offered by conventional architectural practices. 


‘Our international luxury solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of expatriates, private individuals, companies and prominent figures.’


Merlin Bottmer


Transparent reporting


IPM Bottmer places great value on transparency. The architectural practice therefore compiles weekly video and photographic documentation of construction progress for you throughout the entire construction phase.

Your personal consultation

Would you like to find out more about IPM Bottmer’s exclusive services? Then contact us now to make an appointment for a personal consultation!


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Your benefits at a glance:



1. Individual advice

Share your personal requirements and ideas with IPM Bottmer. Taking this as the starting point, the architectural practice will develop a unique construction solution for you that is precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements.


2. Wide range of services

IPM Bottmer is prepared to go the extra mile to meet your wishes. The architectural practice works hard to make every possible thing possible!


3. Technical management

From security technology through spa technology to telecommunications technology, the IPM Bottmer architectural practice can handle the installation and management of all building services.


4. Absolute indipendence

As an independent company IPM Bottmer holds a unique, outstanding position in the luxury property segment. This independence ensures that any advice you are given is objective, competent, transparent and always in your interests.

Do you have questions?

Whether it’s about building design, how to use a plot or security technology issues, IPM Bottmer’s experienced construction experts can advise you on any and all questions relating to your individual luxury construction project. Simply send an email to or call us on +49 2324 9779550!


‘We combine German virtues such as reliability and quality with the necessary talent for improvisation and a huge capacity for innovation.’


Alwin Bottmer


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