About IPM Bottmer



For several decades now, IPM Bottmer has been realising exclusive luxury construction projects for private individuals and companies around the world. The family business is managed by Merlin Bottmer and employs internationally experienced architects, engineers and construction experts. Working together, the team can turn your individual construction project into a reality – on schedule and discreetly.




IPM Bottmer employs many specialists to develop luxurious building concepts in cooperation with experts on security, cost calculation, energy-efficient construction and the awarding of contracts to trades. Key management members at IPM Bottmer include:


  • Merlin Bottmer, Owner / Architecture Department
  • Thomas Franke, Architecture Department
  • Arnd Buchmeier, Architecture Department
  • Dr. Anis Lakermi, Architecture Department
  • Alwin Bottmer, Construction Management Department
  • Sengil Hochstein, Human Ressources Department
  • Frank Tillmann, Asset Management Department